This week I'm talking about not one, not two, but THREE women who committed crimes on Christmas Day. Spoilers: One of them involves a ceramic squirrel. Let's talk about Jasmine Jackson, Randi Young, and Helen Ann Williams who were all arrested for some pretty humbug-ish behavior this holiday. 

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Twas the night before Christmas...and murder was afoot. 

Our next murderess in our Christmas countdown is Michele Anderson, a family annihilator who murdered six members of her family the night before Christmas along with her boyfriend. Together, they murdered six people, killing essentially 3 generations of Michele's family. 



Today, we are journeying to South Africa, into what is now known as Angola, and we’re going to talk about the legendary warrior queen Nzinga Mbande. 

LISTEN HERE: // Polly Bodine is known in history as "The Witch of Staten Island". In a murder that is technically considered unsolved (pssst, hey Buzzfeed Unsolved, heard of this one yet?), Polly Bodine's case is an interesting one to tackle this week. 



The Girl With Red Hair- Remembering Hannie Schaft ://



This episode was absolute chaos to upload. But, technical difficulties aside, it's probably one of my favorite episodes to date. Let's talk about Freddie and Truus Oversteegen, sisters who were the youngest members of the underground Haarlem Council of Resistance during World War II. Their missions? Seduce and murder Nazi commanders, sabotage railways, and free Jewish people from concentration camps. All while they were 14 and 16 years old. 

Let’s talk about our murderess of the day, Elisabeth Betty Broderick. This one, I actually have a little bit of a hometown tie in to. Also, there is a movie that was created called A Woman Scorned which tells a version of what happened with these murders. Let's get into it. 

 This week we’re going in to the realm of demonology, and talking about the creature known as a succubus. Our murderess of the day is Gucci. Alright, that’s a bad joke, but her name is Patrizia Reggiani, and she’s also known as Lady Gucci, because the man she had murdered was her husband who was the heir to the Gucci fashion label! 

Yeah, this is going to be a good one.

Today we have two very  interesting ladies who I’ve been wanting to cover for a while now. Our murderess of the day is known as the Female Dracula, none other than the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Our mythology is a woman who’s considered to be just as bloody, the legend of Bloody Mary. Yes, I did pair them up for the sake of that pun. Let me have my fun!

This episode’s theme is brought to us by the tale of Baba Yaga. And, imagine my surprise, when I found out that there is actually a Russian serial killer who is nicknamed Baba Yaga! And she was 68 years old when she was arrested in 2015, which makes her close to 72 now. Also known as The Granny Killer, her real name is Tamara Samsonova, and her story is one that is also full of mysteries. For example, did she really cannibalize parts of her victims?

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